Some people write because they think they have something worthwhile to say.  Others write because they actually have something worthwhile to say.  You could replace “have something worthwhile to say” with “are good at writing” in those two sentences and it would still be true.  People have plenty of motives for writing, but the bottom line is that- with the possible exception of academic writing- if you are going to bother putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), chances are you enjoy doing it.  Everyone who enjoys writing does so for their own reasons.  Here are some of mine:

Writing is orderly 

When I write, I can put the words wherever I want them to go, and they stay right where I put them.  The possibilities are nearly endless but I dictate where they go.  I can rearrange them or replace them until each one fulfills an exact role in perfectly expressing the thought I’m trying to get across.  They have never given me an unpleasant surprise.  Words have never rear-ended my car, made my loved ones sick, flooded my basement or even woken me from a deep sleep because they’ve wet the bed.  In short, I enjoy writing because I can control it, and it is not chaotic like life sometimes is.

Writing is drama-free

When I write, it’s just me and my thoughts and the page.  It can be painstaking, sure, but at the end of the day I’m the only one I can be frustrated with if it’s not perfect.  Writing has never argued with me or thrown a tantrum or lied to me or made unreasonable demands or tattled to me or needed to be fired or– you get the picture.  For an introvert like myself, having that time by myself to do something productive without dealing with any negative interpersonal drama is priceless.

Which leads me to my next point…

Writing is an art

Being productive and creative is invigorating.  Until I discovered how much I enjoyed writing, I didn’t really have that outlet.  As much as I love music and appreciate art, I’m woefully inept at “doing” art or music (if that’s even the right word- and I’m sure it’s not). So finding and being able to hone a craft that helps me express myself in a unique way something I haven’t always had.

What about you? What feeds your passion, and why?